Blue Star Aviation has joined forces with three internationally known aviation specialists to form a global network of aircraft industry experts. Blue Star Global Group (BSGG) is comprised of:

  • Blue Star Aviation (U.S.)

  • C-S Aviation (France)

  • TENTEG (Spain)

  • 4Aviation (Italy)

Blue Star Global Group provides clients with in-depth knowledge and professional support in commercial aviation leasing, sales and trading. From procurement to marketing we have set standards in the aviation industry and built a solid reputation for excellence.

Our specialty is aircraft trading. We offer a full spectrum of services for the procurement, sale, leasing, management, technical, regulatory, operation and marketing of commercial aircraft and engines.

BSGG specializes in structuring and procuring financing to facilitate complicated transactions so you don’t have to. We have more than 100 years of combined experience in the aircraft industry, a proven track record and numerous examples of our many successful transactions.

Our Partners

Daniel J. Colin
Managing Director
C-S Aviation
Paris, France

As Managing Director and President of CS AVIATION in Paris, Daniel Colin has served as an acquisition and sales consultant to airlines and banks for more than 15 years. With his highly qualified team and solid network throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Daniel is active in placing and remarketing aircraft for owners, airlines and financial institutions. Former Technical Director of airlines in France and Germany as well as founder of airlines in Africa and France, Daniel has utilized his technical and engineering background to manage numerous successful aircraft transactions. He is well known in the aircraft trading community and as been an ISTAT member since 1988.

Guillermo (Bill) Ramos
Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Guillermo Ramos brings over 30 years of experience in the airline industry to his role as consultant for airlines, leasing companies, manufacturers and maintenance operations. As Technical Services Manager for Air Europa, he was responsible for delivering/redelivering, configuring, modifying and certifying aircraft. Guillermo’s key position dealing with major aircraft, engine, and component manufacturers covered all aspects of the technical, operational, commercial and marketing requirements of transactions. Due to his decades of management experience in the airline environment, Guillermo offers in-depth knowledge of how to analyze and meet the needs of clients.

Andrea Girolin
President and CEO
4Aviation srl
Milan, Italy

Andrea Girolin started in the airline industry over 10 years ago as a pilot and has gained experience in maintenance and aircraft delivery. Recently he has been a consultant at the start-up level for several airlines. As founder of 4Aviation, a consulting agency offering services in fleet management and maintenance from procurement through delivery, he has had great success through competent, high level services. The worldwide networks and experience developed during these years on both the financial and technical sides make Andrea a valuable asset in aircraft portfolio management.